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We are manufacturer & Exporter of terracotta pots.

Terrachi Clay offers the most beautiful terra cotta flower pots, garden containers, garden planters, garden bowls, and more. 

Our terracotta pots are available in different styles, colors, and shapes to suit all of your gardening needs. 

Handmade by the most celebrated artisans, our terra cotta pots are incomparable in both quality and beauty!

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Natural Terracotta

Using skills passed down through generations, craftsmen create the hand-thrown pots from the finest clay on the potter’s wheel. These pots are fired in a unique ‘Hive’ shaped kiln to produce world-renowned frostproof pottery.

What WE Do

Terracotta Pots Range


Natural Terracotta Pots

Sustainability is a key concern in the design of our products. Our handmade terracotta pots are made from natural, clay-based materials that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our terracotta pots are strong, durable &  very suitable for the roots of plants, allowing air and moisture to nourish plants.


Strawberry & Herb Jars

We love our herbs. And we love our strawberries. So we combined them into one totally awesome product. It’s a strawberry pot that has a pocket for planting strawberries and runners that grow and fill the pocket.

Strawberry pots are the perfect way to get kids involved in gardening. The strawberry pots have pockets to plant strawberries above and runners grow and fill the pockets.


Antique Terracotta Pots

Re-discover the charm and elegance of an antique pot with our Antique Collection. The washed terra cotta planters give your garden or home decor a classic look that will never go out of style.

The light finish on the terra cotta pots gives it an antique look, while the washed terra cotta makes any garden or home decor look unique. You wont find a more affordable way to add beauty to your space with these classic terra cotta planters.

Most Recent

Terracotta Pots

Terrachi Clay specializes in hand-thrown pottery made from natural clays. Our skilled artisans turn the clay into beautiful, functional terracotta pots that will become a staple for your home. 

Explore our wide range of terracotta pots and planters. Whether you’re going for the traditional look or a more modern style, we have a pot for your every need.

These terracotta pots are made from premium clay that’s unique to the Indus River beds. They are thick, heavy, and extremely durable!

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