Pottery manufacturer

We are a Pottery manufacturer & supplier of terracotta pots.

Terrachi Clay is a unique terracotta pots manufacturer & terra cotta pots supplier.

We export the most beautiful indoor and outdoor flower pots, urn planter pots, garden containers, garden planters, garden bowls, and more. 

We are a professional handmade pottery manufacturer, home to celebrated artisans. You will find our ceramic pottery to be incomparable in both quality and beauty!

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Vintage Pottery manufacturers

Using skills passed down through generations, craftsmen create hand-thrown garden pots from the finest clay on the potter’s wheel. They are fired in a unique ‘Hive’ shaped kiln to produce world-renowned frostproof pottery.

What WE Do as A terracotta pots manufacturer



Terra cotta Pots

Sustainability is a key concern in the design of our products. Our handmade garden terra is made from natural, clay-based materials that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

They are strong, durable & very suitable for the roots of plants, allowing air and moisture to nourish plants.

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Terracotta Planters

Strawberry & Herb Jars

We love our herbs and strawberries. We combined them into one awesome product. It’s a strawberry pot that has pockets for planting strawberries and runners that grow and fill the pocket.

The strawberry pots have pockets to plant strawberries above and runners grow and fill the pockets.

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Strawberry Jars

Antique Terracotta Pots

Re-discover the charm and elegance of an antique pot with our Antique Collection. The washed terracotta planters give your garden or home decor a classic look that will never go out of style.

The light finish on the clay plant pots gives them an antique look. The washed terra cotta pots makes any garden or home decor look unique.

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Colored Planters

Industries we service

Over the years we have come accustomed to working with various industries. That experience has allowed us to understand the specific needs that each industry has and to adjust our products accordingly.

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Terrachi Clay® will provide you with the perfect range of handmade and machine-made Pottery to service the needs of your different customers.

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Garden Centres

Terrachi Clay® works with Garden Centers & Nurseries to decide their desired shape, size, and patterns on the Nursery Pots​.

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DIY Stores

Terrachi Clay® will provide you with the range & size of clay pots that are loved by enthusiasts and are feasible for shipping.

Why Choose Terrachi Clay as your Terracotta Pot Supplier?

We help you offer the best pottery to your clients!

Premium Quality

Premium Quality HandMade Flower Pots

Every terracotta plant pot is handmade with premium River Indus Clay with the utmost attention to detail.

Efficient Process

Efficient Shipment Process

Your experience will be simple, efficient, and stress-free from quote through delivery. You may use your Shipping Partner as well!

Best Value!

Efficient Process of Selection and Ordering

Fast lead times and trade pricing helps you exceed your customer’s expectations. Feel Free to avail of Early Order Discounts!

Wholesale Terracotta Pots Manufacturer

Terra cotta Pot Supplier

Terrachi Clay is a pottery manufacturer that specializes in hand-thrown pottery made from natural terracotta clays. Our skilled artisans turn the clay into beautiful, functional pot planters that will become a staple for your home.

Explore our wide range of flower pots planters. Whether you’re going for the traditional look or a more modern style, we have a pot for your every need.

These wholesale custom pottery planter inspired by Italian terracotta planters are made from premium clay that’s unique to the Indus River beds. They are thick, heavy, and extremely durable!

Fired at high temperatures, these terra cotta pots are frost-proof and can withstand cold temperatures.

Whether you are looking for small terracotta for small flowers or succulent plants, ceramic flower plant pot, large terracotta for trees, or even just for garden decoration we have something for you made of cotta clay.

These traditional flowerpots give you a reason to be creative and express your closeness to nature. You won’t find a more affordable way to add beauty to your space with these classic large terra cotta planters.

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  • Minimum buy 1 x 40ft container.