Egg Planter – Sesame – Three

Our egg-shaped terra cotta planters have become a sought-after choice for gardening enthusiasts due to their unmatched combination of practicality and beauty. The variety of sizes ensures that you can find the ideal planter for your specific gardening needs, whether you want to showcase a single vibrant flower or create a lush display of greenery.

The success of these planters in European markets speaks volumes about their exceptional craftsmanship and appeal. The natural terracotta and antique finishes are carefully crafted to enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. The unique patterns featured on each planter add a touch of sophistication and charm, elevating your garden to new heights of elegance.

In conclusion, our egg-shaped terra cotta planters have gained popularity among gardening enthusiasts for their versatility, success in European markets, and exquisite finishes. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these planters offer the perfect combination of functionality and beauty to enhance your outdoor space.


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Natural Terra cotta

Set Quantity



Ø40cm x H34cm
Ø32cm x H28cm
Ø26cm x H23cm