Product Care - Ever wondered How to Clean Terracotta Pots? These Easy Steps to Clean Clay Pots will make your life simple!

We should all have beautiful plants in our lives, and now you can keep them in a terracotta pot! Terracotta pots are completely natural, porous, which makes them great for the plants. These pots are amazing, which is why you should consider yourself lucky if you have one in your garden or on your porch because this ceramic pot is a classic.

Why Clean your Terracotta Pots?​

It is very important that you don’t let your terracotta pots become overgrown with dirt that overgrow the exterior of the pot. The dirt and plants then cause air intake to decrease, which eventually starts to dry the interior of the terracotta pot.

Cleaning clay pots is so much easier than you might think. Get your crusty old pots back in shape with just a little time and energy!

What Is that White thing On Terracotta Pots?

White Residue on Terracotta Pots due to Mineral Deposits & Salts makes the plant pots look different! Hence the need to clean terracotta pots look is essential!

Keeping the Natural Patina of Terracotta Pots!

Terracotta pots can get very dirty over the years. They can even get a bit rusty with time. To get them clean and keep them beautiful you will need to know the best way to clean them and not damage the gorgeous ornate designs.

I love using terracotta pots because they absorb water from the soil, which helps prevent over-watering your plants. I grow all of my succulents and cactus plants in these pots.

Clear up the grime and make your pottery shine like new with all-natural water & scrub. For a more thorough clean, try the below methods:

How To Clean Terracotta Pots (3 simple ways!)


The baking soda way!

A good way to remove the hard white crust that can build up from hard or salty water deposits on pots to cover them with a baking soda paste for a few minutes, and then scrub the gunk away with a brush.


The bleach way!

Say goodbye to all those crusty clay pots and hello to new ones with a quick soak in a bleach and water solution. The best part is that it only takes 30 minutes of soaking, so you can scrub them clean again!


The white vinegar way!

Pots and Planters that are really dirty can be soaked in pure vinegar and a warm water mixture. Vinegar also does a great job of dissolving the white salts and disinfect them. Just let the Pots soak in the solution for an hour or two and then give them a good wash, using a scrub brush and repot.


Wash Them!

Wash your terra cotta pots thoroughly, as brushing them may get rid of the mineral buildup but the pots could still contain pest eggs, so make sure your pot gets a good wash.



Dry them!

Once your garden pots are clean, rinse them well and leave them out in the sun to dry and they will be ready for use when spring comes.


Our Opinion?

Personally, we love the aged weathered look of a terracotta flower pot.